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We specialise in the translation of technical documentation in numerous industrial sectors. We regularly translate user and maintenance manuals, technical designs and specifications, in addition to complementary material for marketing, training, presentations and websites.

for the diving industry

We are currently the main providers of translations for the diving industry and are proud to work with the sector’s most important companies worldwide. At Artbook we have a glossary of over 2 million terms in 27 languages and 45 professional translators, all practising divers and ours is the company with the greatest experience and expertise in providing translations in this field.


The first assignment commissioned to us in 1997 was a legal translation. Since then we have continued to specialise in this field, where expertise and confidentiality go hand-in-hand. We regularly translate sentences, summonses, contracts, tenders, international standards, deeds for seizures and releases from seizure. We also provide all accessory services for declarations, legalisations, apostilles and consular visas. More than 50 legal firms currently use our services, safe in the knowledge that they will receive documents that are impeccable in terms of content and format.

for the naval industry

Our offices is just 100 metres from the old port of Genoa, so specialising in the naval industry was an obvious choice. Shipping, brokerage and shipbuilding companies account for a large number of our clients. We translate contracts, tenders, user and maintenance manuals, construction projects, international standards or legislation for safety on board, and, more generally, all of the documentation required for those working in the industry.


Every year we translate financial statements, financial reports, communications to shareholders, and data forecasts in the main languages of the international markets. Our financial translators have longstanding experience in the field and, before being translators, are professionals with an educational or employment background in the financial sector.